What the Agile software development process can teach us about writing effectively and efficiently.

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And here’s how you can too.

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Market your personal brand and claim your virtual space as a writer

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Rating: 4/5 — Gripping story, engaging world, marred by muddy character development and speedy resolution

The Unspoken Name by A.K. Larkwood

Rating 5/5 — My AthaQuin ship has sailed

House of Earth and Blood by Sarah Maas

Too many opinions spoil an epic story

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Telling the difference between mediocrity and best-seller material

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Tips and tricks to help yourself be heard in the increasingly saturated self-publishing book market

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From controller to best-seller

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Rating: 4/5 — Amazing Sci Fi trip ruined by chosen book format

Book cover for ‘And So Began The War’ by Ian Hollis

Andy James Trevors

Writer, lawyer, insomniac. Strictly in that order. www.ajtrevors.com

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