Rating: 4/5 — Gripping story, engaging world, marred by muddy character development and speedy resolution

Rating: 4/5
Link: Amazon

Call me a deranged individual with a blood thirsty mindset but I love assassin novels. There’s just something about the way they sneak about in the shadows, using the cover of darkness to hide their evil deeds, jumping from rooftop to rooftop as they stalk their…

Telling the difference between mediocrity and best-seller material

Mediocre novels are a dime a dozen, best selling ones are like looking for the diamond in the rough. At least, this is my opinion about the state of the literary world in 2021. I don’t make these over-the-top assertions from the unfathomable heights of an umpire chair glaring down…

Tips and tricks to help yourself be heard in the increasingly saturated self-publishing book market

According to a cursory search on Google, the number of self-published books are growing exponentially year on year. In 2018 alone, there were more than 1.68 million self-published titles, up from the 1.19 million books that were self-published in 2017. Despite my failure in locating the number of self-published books…

From controller to best-seller

‘Inspiration is everywhere’, as the old adage goes. Yet, many people are still trying to grasp this concept, asking themselves the similarly age old question, ‘Well, what does this mean in practice?’ In the realm of storytelling, inspiration is a loose term ascribed to the imagination of the author, spilling…

Andy James Trevors

Writer, lawyer, insomniac. Strictly in that order. www.ajtrevors.com

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